Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Life Post-Move: {Photo Update}

I have a few photos from our life post-move that I thought I'd share :)

{This Grumpy Bear cup has survived many-a move. It is from Pizza Hut around 1984. It moved from Missouri to Arkansas, then to Oklahoma, and finally it survived 4 of the apartment moves Phil and I had. This was the final move and the cup just couldn't bear it anymore, (no pun intended). To that I bid adieu to my childhood}

{Phil was messing with the camera to get the time and date stamp on the photo. He snapped this sweet photo of Miss Jillian sitting next to her grandma :)} 

{The damage from the air duct guys. You can't even tell now that it's fixed, but boy was it not pretty!}

{Jillian and I before Carrie's baby shower!} 

{I hate my quadruple chin, but I just love Jillian in this photo :)} 

{All dressed up for our play date in the new house! Look at her sitting up like a pro} 

{Sassy senorita!}

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  1. So cute!! I loved her outfit at the shower! Love y'all! xoxo


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