Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our First Home: Photos {Common Rooms}

I tried to arrange the photos so you can feel like you're going from room to room. It does get a little confusing because the house is so open.
If at any time you have a question about where I got a decoration, please feel free to email me! I can't promise I'll remember, but I'll do my best :)
mrs {dot} c {dot} ondemand {at} gmail {dot} com

{Front door}

{Close up of the "entry way"}

{Living Room}
{That lowly little cross will have other crosses to keep it company. It's a work in progress :)}

{It is a gas fireplace so we won't have to worry about Jillian too much. Also, I bought that foam play mat to encourage Jillian to crawl. However, it helps to keep her from injuring herself on the tile in front of the fire}

{The coat closet and music area}
{I do have a few family photos to hang, but that'll take time. Plus, my eventual dream is to have an upright piano instead of a keyboard :)}

{Looking into the living room from the kitchen}

{Linen closet and Jillian's room door}
{This little area is just off of the living room/kitchen area. The open door to the left is the guest bathroom}

{Other side of the hall way}
{The closed door is to the guest room. And yes, this is my dad in the photo :)}

{Hallway across from the linen closet}
{Jillian's door is to the left, and the kitchen is on the right. You can see the edge of the fridge. This photo was hanging up in the hallway between my brother's and my bedroom in Arkansas}

{The fridge that took days to clean. However, it was worth it!}

{Kitchen sink and pantry door}
{I love that I can look over the sink into the dining room and backyard}

{Full view of kitchen from the breakfast nook}

{Breakfast Nook}
{That blank wall will eventually have our china hutch with china inside, (it's at Phil's parents' house now). Those boxes have cookbooks and other things that will go inside the hutch once we have it. Also, the curtain panel will match the ones that will be in the living room. We bought some but discovered they were too short for the window.}

{Dining Room}
{This is a family table set that I'm hoping to pass along to someone else soon. It's so old and creaky :-/ Jillian's Pack n' Play is set up for now, but won't always be there.}

{View of the dinning room and doors to the backyard from the living room/entry way}
{Side note: That wall was already painted that color. It's not staying...}

{Kitchen/Living Room/Dining Room as seen from our master bedroom door}
{I mostly wanted to show off my Last Supper painting I've had since infancy :)}

{Laundry Room}
{Nothing too exciting yet, but I'm glad to have the washer and dryer set up!}

{Laundry Room looking into the dining room/master bedroom door}

Next up: Bedrooms

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