Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our First Home: Photos {Outside}

Before I show the first round of photos, I will say that this is just how we are as of now. I have lots of big plans for making it our home that will require time and money that we don't have right now. However, it's still home :)

{Front Door}
{The mat is left from the previous owner so we will be replacing that} 

{The front yard with (what we think is) a pear tree :)} 

{Yes, I blacked out the license plate for safety!} 

We have a large backyard so I had to take a few photos to simulate a panoramic view.

 {Backyard facing north}
{They must have had a pool there at one point. However, you'll see some dead grass just due to the horrific heat we've had!}

{Northeast corner of the yard} 

{Southeast corner of the yard} 

{More items left from the previous owner on the south side of the yard}
{We will most likely not keep that little house only because there are several spiders already living in it :-/}

{We have a drainage ditch behind our east fence. When I went back there, I noticed some flowers on the other side! I knew my mom would appreciate that :)} 

{The back of the house - facing west}

Next up: Bathrooms


  1. It's adorable! I'm so glad y'all finally have your own house :) Awesome feeling huh?

    1. Thank you so much! Oh man it's amazing :) Well, it is now that all the craziness has finally settled! Now if only we could get the spiders under control...
      Are you guys having spider issues? We were told they're bad because we had such a warm winter, (meaning they didn't get killed off).


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