Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jillian's Nursery Reveal

This post is a much anticipated post and I'm beyond thrilled to share.

Because we lived in an apartment at the time Jillian was born, I didn't really get to set up the nursery before her arrival. Trust me, I had it all planned out. I drew sketches of what I wanted it to look like. I made lists of items I wanted to purchase or make for the room. I was ready. I even kept the theme of the room under wraps until I was able to do it.

Now that Phil and I are officially homeowners, I was able to bring my dream to life. It was the first project I wanted to do in our new home.

Without further ado, Jillian's Alice in Wonderland Inspired Nursery :)


Crib - $160: gift from parents from Babies R Us
Crib Mattress - $130: gift from in-laws from Babies R Us
Crib Sheet - $12: gift at baby shower from Babies R Us
Crib Bumper - $60 from Babies R Us
Large Lion - Free: Christmas gift from my brother
Paper Lanterns - $3.95 each - $12 total from Crate&Barrel
"Let Her Sleep" - $12 made by me: materials from Michaels
Toy Box - $70 from Babies R Us (with 20% off coupon)
Rose Hooks - $40 (with shipping) from Anthropologie
Hamper - $23: gift from brother from Babies R Us
Changing Table - $150: gift from baby shower from Babies R Us
Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumb Print - $12 (with shipping) from Etsy - Lisa at WonderlandShop
Curtains - $19.99 each - $40 total (two panels for one window) from Target
Curtain Rod - $13 from BedBath&Beyond
Curtain Holdbacks - $9.99 from BedBath&Beyond
Pink Curtain Finials - $12.99 - $26 total (two pairs for holdbacks and rod) from BedBath&Beyond
Room Paint - $32 per gallon - $64 total Behr: Bella Rose PPKR-25 from Home Depot
Black Lamp -  $25 from Target
Ceramic White Rabbit - $29 from Pottery Barn
Stopwatch Desk Clock - $39 from Pottery Barn
Rocking Chair - Free: gift from my parents - found at a local thrift store
Table: $9 from BedBath&Beyond
Table Cloth - $12 from BedBath&Beyond (on clearance)
Scentsy Heart Burner - Free: already owned
Wall Shelfs - $25 for the smallest 3 (it was a set), and $26 for the longest shelf (2 ft) - $51 total from Target
White/Red Roses -  $4 made by me: materials from Michaels
Letter "J" - $2 from Michaels (on clearance)
Tea Pots and Tea Cups Prints - $41 (with shipping) from Etsy - Kasia at Ink Five Prints  
"Impossible Things" Print - $17 from Etsy - Carrie at Grandma's Tap Shoes
Short Bookcases - Free: already owned from Target
Rules Painting - Free: made by friend
Key Wall Hooks - $30 (with shipping) from Plasticland
Mirror - $40 from IKEA
Cross Stitch - $8: made by me 
Button "J" - Free: made by Sister-in-law
Baptism Shadow Box - $15 from Michaels
Baptism Certificate Frame - $122 custom framing from Michaels
"Eat Me" - Free: I used a piece of styrofoam from a package and cling wrap in the kitchen
"Drink Me" - $5 (with coupon) from Michaels
"Eat Me"/"Drink Me" Labels - $1.95 for set of 3 from Crate&Barrel
Cheshire Cat - $25 (with shipping) from Disney Store
Picture Frames - I found most of the frames from Target, Marshalls, or Michaels. They ranged from $4 to $15 depending on the size. 

Anything else that you're curious where it came from or the cost? Feel free to email me! 
mrs {dot} c {dot} ondemand {at} gmail {dot} com.


  1. Oh my goodness, it looks so great! I know it was mostly finished when I saw it, but I love the lanterns that are up now! Way, way cute. Good job mama!! :) xoxoxo

  2. It's adorable!!! You did such a great job! I love that you were finally able to put together her own nursery :)


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