Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jillian: {Eight Months}

Jillian –

You are eight months old today! According to our at-home measurements, you are 17 lbs, 7 oz and 27 inches long.

You are in 6 Month and 6-9 Month clothes, and 9 Month footed pjs. You ran out of size 2 diapers yesterday and are now officially in size 3. We are still using the Pampers Swaddlers, but will be trying the Cruisers we have a sample of. We’ll see which work best for you :)

Eating is much better! You have about five 6 oz bottles a day, and you have two solid food meals. Your favorite breakfast seems to be either apples or bananas in oatmeal, and you seem love green beans to most. You were a little wary of the teething feeder, but seemed to enjoy the taste of watermelon, (that’s my girl!). We will start adding a third solid food meal after our vacation. You can pick up Cheerios with your pincher grasp, but you don’t really put them in your mouth. You also prefer to feed yourself the first few spoonfuls of your solid food. Sometimes you pick up the spoon from the bowl and just let it drip down your arm. Those are the days that I just let you get messy and have fun. Even though I’d prefer you eat your food, I want you to enjoy yourself :) Besides, I don’t mind cleaning up after you.

You are still taking Zantac twice a day for your reflux.

Teething pain still happens from time to time, but you still only have your two bottom teeth for now. I’m sure those top teeth will show up soon.

You are quite the mover! You have figured out that you can roll just about wherever your want to go. If need be, you roll on your belly and scoot to the position you need to get where you’re going. I can’t tell for sure, but you may be one of those babies that skip crawling all together and goes straight to walking. Either way, we’ll be so proud of you!

It took some time, but I think you’re finally getting used to your new room in our new house! Naps were pretty rough the first week, but you seem more comfortable in it everyday. I just love knowing you’ll be learning to walk, ride your bike, and so many other milestones in this home. You may not appreciate it now, but I know you’ll love this home :)

Your personality is really coming out now. You HATE having your nose messed with. In fact, you will try to suck your boogers in when I’m trying to suction them out! You untied your grandma’s shoelaces and just started at them for about 20 minutes. You love figuring things out on your own. If we try to help, you stop and just stare at us until we leave you alone again. You love songs and kisses from your daddy. You recently learned to shake your head “no” and you do it quite often ;) Lately, you have been scrunching your nose up when you smile and it’s the CUTEST thing I have ever seen! If you’re playing with a toy that you shouldn’t, or that we just have to take for some reason, you cry hysterically. On the other hand, if you discover something new, you lift your eyebrows up, widen your eyes, and get so excited! You also kick your legs and bounce up and down when you’re really excited and happy.

Between some recent sleep and eating patterns, you may be ready for another growth spurt baby girl.

Sleep is still good overall. Some days you just want to nap in mama’s arms if you nap at all. I try not to encourage that, but I will cave every so often. Mostly because I know it’ll be all too soon before you no longer want that. Except for the occasional fluke or spout of hunger, you still sleep through the night.

Jillian, your daddy and I love you with our whole hearts. You are such a blessing in our lives and you make every day an adventure :)

{Jillian is not amused...}

{Let's give mama a heart attack and lean as far over as we can!} 

{She WILL hate me someday for this, but it really cracks me up every time. (Sorry baby girl)} 

{I wonder what my chin tastes like...} 

{The smile that makes me melt :)}

And some comparisons :)


  1. She is SUCH a doll!! I can't say it enough! I was just telling Jon this morning how adorable and wonderful she is! I feel so lucky to have spent time w/ you all this last week!! Love you! xoxo

    1. Awww thank you :) Love you too! xoxo


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