Monday, August 13, 2012

Life Pre-Move: {Photo Update}

I thought I'd share some photos now that my wordy post are through :)

{Not only did Jillian have to wear just a diaper during the 100*+ days, but she also was getting more mobile, (and more tangled up), every day}

{Packing progress...} 

{Boxes everywhere! Although exciting, it was a little overwhelming} 

{Trying our best to be packed, yet functioning}

{More playing! If you notice, she got one of her links caught on her arm. Or maybe she meant to have it on like a bracelet ;)} 

{Feeding herself or impersonating George Burns?}

{Cute and she knows it!} 

{This is her epic sneeze. Took a spoonful of food, then it all came out. Don't even ask how much got on mama!} 

{After signing the papers, we went to the new house and took a family photo! What a way to end July :)} 

{Showing off our empty bowl!} 

{I love food thiiiiiiiiiis much} 

{Cutie Pie}

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